Jesterware DVD Ripper Professional

DVD Ripper Professional - DVD to AVI Ripper, DVD to MPEG, DVD to DivX, DVD to MP4 DVD Ripper Professional is a powerful DVD to AVI and DVD to MPEG video conversion program, which will rip, copy and convert your DVD into a variety of different popular video file formats.
Click here to Watch the Video Demonstration of DVD Ripper Professional in action. DVD Ripper Professional can create AVI, DivX, XviD, H.264, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV video files from any DVD.
You choose which chapters to convert or simply take the whole DVD title. You have full control over the video and audio encoding parameters, or just use the profiles already built into the program. You don't need any additional software or video codecs installed, this is all part of the software. Our products are for both the novice who just wants to create video files quickly without having to understand complex video terminology, right up to the advanced user who wants control over the encoding parameters.

Purchase DVD Ripper Professional - DVD to AVI Ripper, DVD to MPEG, DVD to DivX, DVD to MP4  $34.99 Download DVD Ripper Professional - DVD to AVI Ripper, DVD to MPEG, DVD to DivX, DVD to MP4

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Video Output Formats

DVD to DivX Fast becoming the industry standard MPEG4 codec, highly compressed, fantastic resolution
DVD to XviD Another quality MPEG4 codec, some say better than DivX
DVD to MPEG1 VideoCD (VCD) MPEG1 compliancy
DVD to MPEG2 Super VideoCD (SVCD) MPEG2 compliancy
DVD to WMV Windows Media v7 and v8 Video (WMV)
DVD to H.264 The new kid on the MPEG4 block, highly compressed with very little loss of quality
DVD to MPEG2 DVD Compliant MPEG2 Video Stream up to 9,800 k/bits
DVD to MP4 Quicktime MPEG4 .MP4 files / Nokia MP4 / Standard MPEG4 ISO files

Audio Output Formats

MP3 Fast becoming the industry standard audio codec, highly compressed, great sound. AC3 Allows your .AVI files to have 5.1 (6 channel) surround sound, MP2 MPEG Layer 2, retained for legacy video streams AAC Advanced Audio Coding, great sound, good compression, adopted by Apple

DVD Ripper Professional supports all DVD regions and PAL or NTSC. Our software can also use your DVD's you may have stored on your hard disk. One problem with other DVD ripping software is getting the correct frame rate, have you noticed audio sync problems with other products you've used? Our software will detect Progressive 24hz DVD's and set the correct frame rate accordingly.

You can use our software with a high variety of different portable media devices or even standalone media players.
These include :- High Quality XViD, MPEG4, H.264, DivX Video Files Windows 2000, XP, Vista iUbi Blue PMP BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8800 Creative Zen Vision:M Creative Zen Vision:W KISS DP-600 / DP-1600 Archos AV500, AV700 Personal Media Players Archos 404, 504, 604, 704 Personal Media Players Archos 405, 505, 605, 705 Personal Media Players Cowon iAudio X5 Cowon iAudio A2 Epson P-2000 Epson P-4000, P-4500 Epson P-5000 iRiver Clix2 and other iRiver Video Players Any DivX or XViD Capable DVD Player Nokia N70, E90, N80 series and N95 series mobile phones XBOX 360 and many many more.


Fast DVD to Video Conversion Process
Very Easy To Use Graphical User Interface
Supports DVD to AVI, MPEG4, MPEG, DivX, XViD, H.264, WMV, MPEG1 and MPEG2 video encoding
Rip Movies from DVD discs, from DVD's stored on hard drives and direct from .ISO/.NRG image files
DVD to AVI, DVD to MP4, DVD to DivX, DVD to XViD, DVD to H.264 and more
Supports MP3, MP2, AAC and AC3 (6 Channel) 5.1 Audio Encoding
Supports Audio Bitrate's Up To 448k
Can read DVD from hard disk in VIDEO_TS folders or .ISO / .BIN / .NRG image files
Apply Deinterlacing and Inverse Telecine Filters
Two Pass Encoding for the best quality possible
Rip by DVD Chapter or by DVD Title
Online DVD Database Lookup
Command Line Interface - fully scriptable
Supports ripping of Subtitles and Angles
Integral DVD Player Preview
Aspect Ratio Control
User Definable Video Cropping
Detection and Removal of Widescreen Black Bars
DVD Ripping Wizard
Keyframe Interval control, allowing higher precision seeking
Specify the H.264 Level up to 51
Supports both PAL and NTSC 4:3, 16:9
Encode Video Up To A Rate of 9800 k/bits
Progressive 23.976 frame rate detection
Easy To Use Pre-set And User Definable Profiles
High Speed Threaded Video and Audio Encoding for Dual Core Processors (Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Dual Core)
Click and Go
Optimizes Encoding For Intel and AMD Processors
Free DVD Ripper Professional Trial Download
Free Unlimited Technical Support
Free Upgrades for Life, includes every minor and major software update

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